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Start > 24/02/2018
End > 25/02/2018

4th Cascais SB20 Winter Series 2017-2018


Cascais, Portugal


1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.
1.2 The Sailing Instructions of each Regatta/series, witch in case of conflict will prevail under all the previous rules

Competitors may be required to display advertising chosen by the event organiser in accordance with WS Advertising Code – Regulation 20.3.1(a). Any required advertising material and instructions for their use, shall be distributed at registration.

3.1 The regatta is open to all boats of the SB20 class.
3.2 Eligible boats may enter by completing the attached form and submit it, together with the required fee, to Clube Naval de Cascais, Esplanada Príncipe D. Luis Filipe 2750 – 411 Cascais – Portugal or send it by email to: or fill the online entry form available at the event web site in
3.3 The Organising Authority reserves the right to accept entries after the established deadline.
3.4 The entry fee for the full series is 380€ and can be paid by Bank Tranfers throught:
Bank: Novo Banco
Account Number: 2460 0131 0004
NIB: 0007 0246 0000 1310 004 62
IBAN: PT50 0007 0246 0000 1310 004 62
The entry fee for the 4th Winter series is 100€.
3.5 The date limit for inscription is the 16th February 2018 at 18:00.
3.6 SB20’s signing up for individual events are entitled to 30 days free parking around that series.
3.7 No fees are refundable after the 16th February 2018. Before that date entry fees will be refunded after deducting 50% for administration expenses.

The WS Sailor Classification Code will apply.

Saturday, 24 February | 13:00 Warning signal of the1st race of the day
Sunday, 25 February | 12:00 Warning signal of the 1st race of the day
5.1 The plan is to do 6 races.
5.2 No more than 4 races will be sailed per day.
5.3 On Sunday, no warning signal will be made after 15:00.

The sailing instructions are available online – Quadro de Avisos - and will be available to all competitors during the registration period of each series – only ONE copy per team.

The courses to be sailed will be windward/leeward with a spreader mark.

Rule 44.1 is changed so that only one turn, including one tack and one gybe, is required.

9.1 An overall ranking for the full Series will be made with the final result of each series. There will be a 1 Series discard; all results are referent to the boat regardless of the skipper or helmsman. A boat that does not participate in a series will be scored with the total number of boats registered in all series plus one point.

10.1 Support boats shall be registered at the race office during the registration period. They shall display either an identification flag of minimum size 50 cm x 40 cm with their national letters or their national letters in black on a white background on the cover of their outboard engine.
10.2 Parking of support boats will be charged at the club normal rates.

11.1 Boats shall be kept in their assigned places in the harbour. Except otherwise permitted or requested by the OA, all Boats will be moored on buoys in front of the club house or at the Cascais Marina berths.
11.2 The club can also arrange, at competitors costs, a berth at the Marina de Cascais, which must be requested in advanced.

Boats shall not be hauled out during each regatta except with and according to the terms of prior written permission of the race committee.

13.1 A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.
13.2 The Race Committee may use VHF radio to communicate to the Fleet, including the starting area, countdown to the start, OCS bow/sail numbers (to be communicated at least 2 minutes after the start), general recalls, black flag DSQs and Postponements. Failure to make these broadcasts or failure to hear them shall not constitute grounds for redress. This changes rule 62.1

Prizes will be given to the top 3 boats of the overall series. Additional prizes may be awarded.

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 305.000€ per event or the equivalent.

Clube Naval de Cascais have negotiated with Marina de Cascais special Week Packages for just 8€/day € at parking Marina Mar. Tickets must be requested until the end of the entry deadline of each series and will be distributed at registration.

For additional information please contact:
Clube Naval de Cascais
Esplanada Príncipe D. Luis Filipe
2750-411 Cascais, Portugal
Tel.: + 351 21 483 01 25
Email: | Website:

The Organizing Authorithy stablished an agreement with the Travel Agency “Em Viagem”, to help competitors to find the most suitable and affordable solutions for accommodations and travel issues.
Name of Contact : Luiz Castro
Telephone: +351 211 165 662
Skype: luiz.emviagem

Outdoor parking is FREE in the enclosed premises of the Club including craneage for the full period from November 1st 2017 to April 15th 2018 for boats signed up for the full Series.
Boats signing up for individual Series are entitled to 30 days FREE parking around that series dates. For other periods parking will be charged at an €8 daily rate.
Covered storage for SB20 (w/trailer and mast off) with transportation provided by the Club and term car parking are available in the underground parking of the Marina next to the Club.
Additional servicing can be arranged by the Club with established outside providers.

There are plenty of opportunities to charter a SB20 in Cascais.
Please contact Vasco Serpa | Email:

The club arranged special conditions to transport boats from all over Europe, including picking up boats coming from the ferry boats in Santander or Bilbao. Please ask a quote by email to:



SB20 Classe SB20
  Series Place Sail No Boat Helm Crew Club Series Points Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5
1 POR3738 Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali José Paulo Ramada Helder Basílio, António Silva Pereira, Pedro Costa CNC/CDP 13 1 16 5 2 5
2 POR3427 Sea Camel João Villas-Boas José Camelo, Nuno Bajanca, Francisco Pinheiro Melo CNCascais 17 3 4 13 9 1
3 POR1 Animal/Mobiag-Clever Mobility Vasco Serpa Joaquim Moreira, Pedro Costa Alemão CNCascais 20 9 11 1 1 9
4 ITA3620 Carl Linné John Harald Orneberg Diogo Barros, Nuno Barreto CNCascais 20 17 2 9 5 4
5 UKR3633 #GameChanger Julia Freespirit Hugo Rocha, Semen Dmytrenko, Viktor Kandyba Kyiv Yatch Club 23 2 1 8 13 12
6 POR3115 Quebramar Henrique Brites Francisco Maia, Guilherme Gomes, Bernardo Loureiro CNCascais 24 16 12 6 3 3
7 RUS3546 Matryoshka/SailCascais Natalya Kravets Evgeny Neugodnikov, Boris Khmurovich YCTavatuy 25 4 3 11 7 DNC34
8 POR3111 Roff / Manuel Marques Hugo Mastbaum, Gonçalo Ramos CNCascais 30 12 10 3 10 7
9 POR3505 Patris/Corretora Vasco Passanha João Vidinha, Frederico Lacerda CNCascais 31 5 25 4 4 18
10 POR7 Sargo Jorge Lima Gonçalo Gonçalves, Tomás Barreto CNCascais 35 6 6 OCS34 17 6
11 POR3092 Contrabandista Patrick Lindley Pedro Simões, Filipe Loureiro, Luís Vasconcelos Dias CNCascais 39 18 5 27 8 8
12 POR3652 Bravo Paulo Palha André Gonçalves, António Barros, Mafalda Pires de Lima CVAtlântico 47 13 UFD34 18 6 10
13 RUS88 Neat/SailCascais Stanislava Georgieva Andrey Kochnev, Denis Turikov YCTavatuy 50 8 UFD34 12 15 15
14 POR3616 Madeira Islands John Tavares Paulo Manso, Tiago Leal ANMadeira 51 DNF34 8 7 UFD34 2
15 POR310 Miúdas Margarida Aguiar Sofia Regojo, Ana Champalimaud, Maria Anjos CNCascais 54 20 13 14 16 11
16 POR3733 So Fly Peter Stratton Francisco Garcia, Rui Boia CNCascais 56 7 19 10 20 26
17 POR3506 Volta Vasco Empis Bernardo Faria Maia CNCascais 64 26 9 17 25 13
18 POR5 Contacto Atlântico/Sail Cascais Afonso Domingos André Caiado, Bibas Neves CNCascais 65 22 7 2 UFD34 DNC34
19 RUS3707 actiTIME Arsen Chubarkov Oleg Chugunov, Daniil Banayan YCSPB 67 14 21 20 12 21
20 GBR3516 Wildebeest Sara Carmo Pedro Pontes, Luís Queirós CNC/CIMAV 71 11 27 23 18 19
21 POR3101 Casilda Duarte B. Bello Eduardo Vanzeller, Matilde Pinheiro de Melo CNCascais 71 21 18 16 22 16
22 POR3090 Ocean Wolf Paulo Lobo João Lopes, David Grade, Ana Rita Fonseca CNCascais 81 19 15 32 30 17
23 POR3723 Another Affair João Oliveira Gustavo Lima, Miguel Oliveira, Francisco Oliveira CVAtlântico 82 10 UFD34 15 UFD34 23
24 POR3411 Quinta dos Murças Diogo Corrêa Mendes Ana Costa Santos, Gonçalo Lopes, Jorge Moya CNCascais 83 23 29 21 19 20
25 POR3525 Mata u Pinto Sara Leiria Pinto Mafalda Ribeiro da Cunha, Pedro Espergueira, Néné Aires Pereira CNCascais 84 27 22 30 21 14
26 RUS3512 Alisa Vladislav Ivanovskiy Natalia Sukhareva,Frank Dobbels, Eva Dobbels YCSPB 85 15 24 22 24 25
27 RUS3278 RUS3278 Evgeny Tsyshkov Maria Ivanova, Stanislav Sushenkov CNCascais 90 24 14 29 23 DNC34
28 SUI3169 MikeT/SailCascais Heinrich Guggenbuehl Ueli Guggenbuehl, Caspar Guggenbuehl, CNCascais 90 28 17 25 26 22
29 POR78 Enfant Terrible José Bello Bernardo Torres Pêgo, Nuno Amado, João Pestana CNCascais 92 DNC34 23 24 11 DNC34
30 POR3558 PenichePraia/SailCascais Luís Fernando Almeida Luís José Almeida, Tomás Almeida CNPeniche 95 25 20 26 29 24
31 POR3521 Santa Maria Luís Rosário André Carinhas, Tomás Almeida CNCascais 99 30 28 31 14 27
32 POR3341 Naftalina Rosa/SailCascais Teresa Borges Coutinho Rita Borges Coutinho, Mariana Almada,Maria João Passarinho CNCascais 101 31 26 19 28 28
33 POR3420 Dragons@SB20/SailCascais Mário Quina Manuel Durães Rocha, José Magalhães CNCascais 113 29 30 28 27 29
Sail Number Boat Club Helm Crew
POR 3505 Patris /Real Vida C. N. Cascais Vasco Passanha Diana Neves
Carlos Leitão
Frederico Lacerda
POR 3427 Sea Camel CNC José Camelo
POR 3525 MATA U PINTO C N CASCAIS Sara Leiria Pinto Jose Pedro Leiria Pinto
Pedro Espregueira
POR3521 Santa Maria Clube Naval de Cascais Luís Rosário André Carinhas
Tomás Almeida
UKR3726 it Parfume Odessa Borys Shvets
3411 Quinra dos MurçaS CNC Diogo Corrêa Mendes
3123 Enfant Terrible cnc Jose Bello Bernardo Torres Pego
Nuno Amado
3733 so fly cnc peter stratton francisco garcia
rui boia
RUS 373 Alisa SPb YC Vladislav Ivanovskiy
3101 Casilda CNC Duarte B. Bello Eduardo Vanzeler
Matilde Pinheiro de Melo
POR3652 Bravo Clube Vela Atlantico Paulo Palha Andre Gonçalves
António Barros
3620 Carl Linné CNC John Harald Orneberg Diogo Barros
Nuno Barreto
GBR 3516 Wildbeest CNC / CIMAV Sara Carmo Pedro Pontes
Luís Queirós
POR 3738 Dom Pedro Hotels/Generali CNC/CDP José Paulo Ramada Gonçalo Ribeiro
Antonio Silva Pereira
POR 7 SARGO CNC Jorge Lima Gonçalo Gonçalves
3092 Contrabandista cnc Patrick Lindley Pedro Simoes
310 Miudas CNC Margarida Aguiar Sofia Regojo
Ana Champalimaud
Maria Anjos
POR1 Animal/Mobiag/SailCascais CNCascais Vasco Serpa Joaquim Moreira
Pedro Alemao
3558 PenichePraia/Sailcascais CNPeniche Luis Fernando Almeida Luis Jose Almeida
Tomas Almeida
3341 NaftalinaRosa/SailCascais CNCascais Teresa Borges Coutinho Rita Borges Coutinho
5 ContactoAtlantico/SailCascais CNCascais Afonso Domingos Andre Caiado
Bibas Neves
RUS 3546 Matryoshka/SailCascais YC Tavatuy Natalya Kravets Andrey Kochnev
Boris Khmurovich
88 Neat/SailCascais YC Tavatuy Stanislava Georgieva Andrey Kochnev
Denis Turikov
SUI 3169 MikeT/SailCascais CNCascais Heinrich Güggenbuhl Ueli Guggenbühl
Caspar Guggenbühl
POR3616 Madeira Islands Associação Nautica da Madeira John Tavares Paulo Manso
3111 ROFF / CNC Manuel Guimarães Marques Hugo Mastbaum
POR3090 Ocean Wolf CNC Paulo Lobo
3723 Another Affair CVAtlântico João Oliveira Gustavo Lima
Miguel Oliveira
Francisco Oliveira
RUS3278 RUS3278 CNC Evgeny Tsyshkov Maria Ivanova
Stanislav Sushenkov
POR3506 Volta CNCascais Vasco Empis Bernardo Faria Maia
3115 QUEBRAMAR CNC Henrique Brites Francisco Maia
Guilherme Gomes
Bernardo Loureiro
?? ?? CNC Mário Quina Manuel Duraes Rocha
Jose Magalhaes
UKR3633 #GameChanger Kyiv Yacht Club Julia Freespirit Hugo Rocha
Semen Dmytrenko
Viktor Kandyba
3707 actiTIME SPbYC Arsen Chubarkov Oleg Chugunov
Daniil Banayan

The Organizing Authorithy stablished an agreemment with the Pestana Cascais Cidadela for its proximity to the Clube Naval de Cascais with the following room prices throughout the year.

February, December 2018:

Single: 95 €

Double: € 110

March, April, November 2018:

Single: € 110

Double: € 125

May, June, September and October 2018:

Single: € 175

Double: € 190

Prices per room per night with buffet breakfast.

City tax not included: € 1 / pax / day

Booking Conditions: 

  • Rates valid exclusively for Teams participating in the Regattas
  • On Request Reservations, subject to availability
  • Direct payment

Reservations should be requested to:

Class Pos Helm