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Cascais Dragon Winter Series 2016-2017



The Clube Naval de Cascais is pleased to present what is probably the best and most extensive Dragon Winter sailing programme you can find in Europe. With the possibility of professional transportation for your boat to Portugal, (with or without car), special hotel prices, sponsored race entry fees and 40 minutes taxi rides to Lisbon Airport, Cascais has never been easier to access or better value for visiting sailors.

The Club warmly invites all Dragon sailors to come and sail the Cascais Dragon Winter Series 2016-2017

1st Series – 11-13 November 2016
2nd Series – 09-11 December 2016
3rd Series – 13-15 January 2017
4th Series – 10-12 February 2017
5th Series – 10-12 March 2017
5th Stavros Dragon Match Race – 3 - 5 April 2017 (by invitation only - please apply for invitation)
XXII King Juan Carlos I Trophy – 6-9 April 2017 - IDA Grade I event

Cascais has proven over the years to have some of the best conditions for yacht racing in Europe. Typically the wind ranges from light to low twenties knots and from different quarters over the period of the Winter Series. With less than half an hour to reach any of the main racing areas Cascais offers varied sailing conditions, with flat water and shiftier winds closer in the bay and larger ocean swells with more stable wind patterns further out west. The weather is normally warm with long sunny spells and an air temperature ranging from minimum 12/15ºC in winter to 20ºC + in the fall and early spring.

With several of the events scheduled over three days it is important to have a good prospect of wind. In the past five Cascais Winter Series a total of 289 races were completed out of 367 races scheduled (a 79% completion rate -much higher than many other venues!).

Over the last 13 years, a 95% success race completion was reached for the Grade I event HM King Juan Carlos I Trophy 86 races were held out of 91 scheduled).

The entry fee of € 1.000 for the full series of 6 events includes free outdoor parking in the enclosed premises of the Club, and cranage for the full period from October 15th 2016 to April 30th 2017.  
Dragons signing up for individual events are entitled to 30 days FREE parking around those events. For other periods, parking will be charged at an €8 daily rate.
Covered storage for Dragons and trailers (mast off), with transportation provided by the Club and long term car parking, is available in the underground parking of the Marina next to the Club at reduced rates.

Dragon/trailer servicing can be arranged by the Club with established outside providers.

We have arranged quotations for the professional transportation of boats with or without cars from the main end of season regattas in Cazaux, St.Tropez or Torbole/Lake Garda. Please call the Club for details.

Convivial style Happy Hour and food in the clubhouse after each racing day of the Series.

Prizes will be awarded to the crews of the first 3 dragons in each of the Series, including the Perpetual HM King Juan Carlos I Trophy and for the overall ranking of the entire 6 Series program.



Ranking Classe Dragão
  Series Place Sail No Boat Helm ISAF No Corinthyan Club Series Points Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Series 5
1 RUS76 Strange Litle Girl Dmitry Samokhin RUSAK1   YCSt Petersburg 17 5 7 2 3 8
2 DEN138 Eva Lars Hendriksen DENLH1   Hellerup Sejklub 19 2 2 4 14 11
3 GBR758 Fever Klaus Diedrichts GNBKD6   ROceanRC 20 DNC41 4 3 7 6
4 POR66 Drago José SM Matoso PORJS5   CNCascais 21 3 3 12 5 10
5 GER1177 Pow-Wow Michael Zankel GERMZ11   NorddeutscherRV 23 10 1 8 4 DNC41
6 POR64 Lady Tati Patrick Monteiro de Barros PORPM10   CNCascais 27 6 19 6 10 5
7 GER1140 Smaug Nicola Friesen GERNF10   NorddeutscherRV 33 4 14 9 13 7
8 MON2 Jeanie Jens Rathsack MONJR2   YCMonaco/CNCascais 35 9 11 11 DNC41 4
9 TUR1212 Josephine Andy Beadsworth GBRAB41   TurkeyAYK 40 7 18 14 1 DNC41
10 ESP71 Gunter Javier Scherk ESPJS19   RCNBarcelona/NYYC 43 8 13 10 DNC41 12
11 GBR801 Monday Lawrie Smith GBRLS15   GlandoreYC 45 DNC41 DNC41 1 2 1
12 GER1180 Rosie Benjamin Morgen GERBM13 C NorddeutscherRV 45 DNC41 9 5 9 22
13 HUN57 Johanna Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi HUNFK1   Kereked VK 52 1 10 DNC41 23 18
14 GBR748 Sanka Dave Ross GBRDR4   CCYC 56 17 5 15 19 24
15 POR50 Christmas III Pedro Mendes Leal PORPM15   CNCascais 62 11 17 13 25 21
16 GER1063 Lotte Rui Boia PORRB1   HSC/CNCascais 68 18 8 22 20 28
17 POR56 Peggy Miguel Magalhães PORMM1 C CNCascais 68 19 21 23 15 13
18 POR57 Whisper Mario Quina PORMS12 C CNCascais 69 15 12 16 26 31
19 GBR780 Louise Grant Gordon GBRGG12   ROceanRC 73 DNC41 DNC41 7 8 17
20 GER1163 Strait Dealer Christian Einfelt GERCE9   NorddeutscherRV 74 20 24 19 11 DNC41
21 GER1102 Lilu Phillip Pechstein GERPP6   CYCVSac 77 12 25 20 DNC41 20
22 POR68 Nice Shot José Carlos Pina PORJP12 C CNCascais 84 14 23 21 28 26
23 SWE385 Still Crazy Stefan Winberg SWESW5 C RSwedishYC 91 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 6 3
24 POR65 Pamalicam Francisco de Lacerda PORBP3   CNCascais 92 13 22 25 DNC41 32
25 IRL769 Hombre Martin Payne IRLJB44   ROceanRC 92 DNC41 DNC41 17 18 16
26 BEL82 Herbie Xavier Vaneste BELXV1 C RNorthSeaYC 97 DNC41 16 28 12 DNC41
27 POR47 Catarina III José Paulo Ramada PORMR13 C CNCascais 99 DNC41 20 27 27 25
28 RUS98 Zenith Igor Goikhberg RUSIG4   YCSt Petersburg 104 16 6 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41
29 SUI288 Kalliston Justus Kniffka GERJK47   NorddeutscherRV 110 DNC41 DNC41 18 22 29
30 BEL79 Princess Sophie Alex Hensen BELAH3 C RYCBelgium 116 DNC41 15 DNC41 DNC41 19
31 FRA420 Outlaw Stephane Baseden FRASB30   CVArcachon 118 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 21 15
32 GBR422 Heuschrecke Dmitri Bondarenko RUSDB2     120 DNC41 DNC41 24 DNC41 14
33 POR40 Dragul José Bello PORJB1 C CNCascais 122 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 17 23
34 GBR8011 Badger Lawrie Smith GBRLS15   GlandoreYC 125 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 2
35 RUS34 Even Better Vasily Senatorov RUSVS18   PirogovoYC 132 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 9
36 FRA422 Corto III Bruno Jourdren FRABJ9   YCLaBaule 132 DNC41 DNC41 26 24 DNC41
37 POR63 Seven Seas Too Diogo Barros PORDB3   YCPorto 139 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 16 DNC41
38 SWE371 Cohiba on Fire Niels Flohr SWENF4   TJSSweden 150 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 27
39 EST71 Vitamin One Mihkel Kosk ESTMK03     153 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 30
40 POR43 Marias 3 Henrique Costa e Silva PORHS1   CVAtlantico 156 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 DNC41 33
Nº de Vela Barco Clube Timoneiro Tripulação
DEN138 Eva Hellerup Sejklub Lars Hendriksen
ESP71 Gunter RCNB/NYYC Javier Scherk
GBR748 Sanka CCYC Dave Ross
GER1063 Lotte HSC/CNCascais Rui Boia
GER1102 Lilu NRV Phillip Pechstein
GER1140 Smaug NRV Nicola Friesen
GER1163 Strait Dealer NRV Christian Einfelt
GER1177 Pow-Wow NRV Michael Zankel
HUN57 Johanna Kereked VK Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi
MON2 Jeanie YCM/CNCascais Jens Rathsack
POR50 Christmas III CNCascais Pedro Mendes Leal
POR56 Peggy CNCascais Miguel Magalhães
POR57 Whisper CNCascais Mario Quina
POR64 Lady Taty CNCascais Patrick Monteiro de Barros
POR65 Pamalicam CNCascais Vicente Pinheiro de Melo
POR66 Drago CNCascais José SM Matoso
POR68 Nice Shot CNCascais José Carlos Pina
RUS76 Strange Litle Girl YCSt Petersburg Dmitry Samokhin
RUS98 Zenith YCSt Petersburg Igor Goikhberg
TUR1212 Josephine TurkeyAYK Ali Tezdiker
POR 40 Dragull CNCascais João Pedro Almeida Lopes José Bello
Bernardo Torres Pêgo
POR40 Dragull CNC João Pedro Almeida Lopes
POR 68 Nice Shot CNC José Carlos Pina Jorge Ferlov
Francisco Pina
POR 47 Catarina CNC Jose Bello Bernardo Torres Pego
Gonçalo Lacerda
POR 47 Catarina III CN CASCAIS Vasco Serpa Manuel Rocha
Pedro Costa Alemao
20045 Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok Barnypok
SUI 288 Kalliston NRV Justus Kniffka Stephan Fels
Jose Luis Costa
POR 47 CATARINA III CNCascais Vasco Serpa Manuel Rocha
Pedro Costa Alemão
POR43 Maria3 CVA Henrique Costa e Silva
swe316 Cohiba on Fire TJSS, Sweden Niels Flohr


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