NEWS & MEDIA NEWS Pedro Mendonça Trophy and Winter Regatta


Pedro Mendonça Trophy and Winter Regatta

29 January 2024
Cruising boats in great activity on the Tagus River

Associação Naval Lisboa organized two cruiser class regattas on Januray 27th and 28th, with 3 boats from the Club Naval Cascais in competition.

In the Pedro Mendonça Trophy, ORC division, Augusto Castelo Branco in “Vicky II” won and finished in 3rd in the Open category, and “Wojtyla” with Manuel Melo Ramos at the helm secured the 13th overall.

In the 1st Winter Regatta, ANC class, the victory went to Miguel Graça in “MAD MAX".

Results Pedro Mendonça Trophy (ORC)

Results Pedro Mendonça Trophy (Open)

Results Winter Regatta (Open)