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International Yachting Training (IYT) Worldwide is the trusted standard of excellence in yacht training, maritime certification and safety around the world. IYT’s founders represent 40 years of seafaring and yachting leadership and experience. This expertise has been adopted and endorsed by the world’s leading regulatory authorities (MCA, USCG, The Marshall Islands, PADI), representing the gold standard for professional and recreational marine training and accreditation. In over 24 jurisdictions worldwide and a growing number of maritime associations recognize IYT certifications. Over 250 schools in 56 countries have adopted the IYT curriculum. IYT’s courses are offered worldwide through a network of partner schools. Through these schools the company offers an entire range of recreational courses from entry-level sailing and powerboat courses up to Yachtmaster Ocean. Please check for complete documentation.

Geert Van Hassel (GVH) is an experienced sailor with over 20 years of professional and recreational experience. He is holder of the Portuguese Patrão do Alto Mar certificate for pleasure craft and the commercially endorsed Master of Yachts Unlimited 200gts for professional seafaring. Furthermore, he is a certified instructor/examiner for the IYT recreational courses. Although most course materials are in English, GVH can also teach the courses in Portuguese, French or Dutch, and will contract specialists in certain fields where necessary.

All training courses are intensive and combine theory and practice. One or more theoretic exams and practical tests evaluate the candidate’s ability to safely operate a watercraft. Unlike the more theory-based Portuguese certificates, the IYT training usually consists of an intensive, continuous, multi-day training program, allowing candidates to get certified in short periods of time (A short holiday in Portugal can be a rewarding learning process and enable the candidate to charter, own and handle watercraft up to 24m).

Not only are the IYT certificates recognised all over the word, many of the certificates also qualify for issuing an International Certificate of Competence (ICC), an UN standard (res. 40) adopted by most European Countries and often required for chartering boats in the Mediterranean. Since IYT for the EU are issued in Ireland, they are automatically valid in Portugal as well (art 39 1º). Progression to other levels and/or disciplines can be done at any of the sister schools throughout the world.

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