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Mission and Goals of the CNC

BarcosemprovaClube Naval de Cascais was founded in 1938, and from its very beginnings took on a vital role in the development of nautical sports in Portugal, with a special emphasis on sailing.

The Clube Naval de Cascais Sailing School initiated its activity in 1950, and has continued – with brief hiatus – to this day.

In the last 60 years the School has been responsible for training and aiding in the development of many extraordinary Portuguese Sailors of National and International renown. The last decade being especially productive, as is evident in the overwhelming percentage of Clube Naval Sailors in the Portuguese Olympic Teams, and the growing list of achievements and Trophies won. To this we must attribute not only to the intrinsic talent and dedication of our Sailors; but also the brilliant and tireless mentoring by Manuel Barros Pereira and Carlos Pantaleão.

PMonteiroBarros ISAFDuring the 1970’s the Snipe, Sharpie, Finn, Dragon and Star Classes were especially relevant in the Club’s Sailing activities, with especial protagonism ceded to the last two.

The Dragon and Star Classes’ prestige were further enhanced by the world-class achievements of Duarte Bello (Silver Medal 1948 Olympics; 3º and 2º place at the World Class Championships of the Star Class in 1952 and 1962, respectively; and 1st Place at the Star European Championship of 1962), Mário Gentil Quina (Silver Medals – Star Class - the Rome Olympics in 1960), Joaquim Fiuza (Bronze Medal at the 1952 Olympics and European Champion of the Star Class in 1957 and 1958); and, of course, João Capucho, António Herédia, Carlos Ribeiro Ferreira and Bernardo Mendes de Almeida – some of these Sailors are still active in the Dragon Class to this very day.

MiguelMagalhaes jorgePmeloFrom the 80’s onwards the Optimist, Laser, 420 and 470 Classes gained a stronger presence with the brilliant performances of Sailors like Fernando Bello, Miguel Magalhães, Gustavo Lima (European Champion Laser Class – Radial- in 1994), Vasco Serpa, Afonso Domingos, Martinho Fortunato (World Champion Class 420 in 1996), Miguel Nunes (World Champion Class 420 in 1996 and Junior World Champion for 470 Class in 1997), Alvaro Martinho (Junior World Championship 470 Class in 1997). Clube Naval de Cascais has been the official home to the rejuvenated Portuguese Dragon Class for the last five years, drawing together the seasoned Sailors, and has become a dynamic part of the Club’s Sailing Calendar; the Dragon Regatas at Clube Naval de Cascais have become noteworthy - being won by such world-class luminaries as Pirie, Straulino, Cardenas, Stearns, Consentino and Wennerstorm.

In 1970 the Clube Naval de Cascais was responsible for the Finn Gold Cup; and has since then hosted World and European Championships in the Optimist, Laser, 470 and Star Class. Of all these, the most exciting was surely the European Championship of the Star Class in 1995, with the participation of such “names” as Ross MacDonald (winner), Lawrie Smith, Torben Grael, Rod Davies and Raudasch.

In 1997 Clube naval de Cascais hosted the European Laser Championship – Standard, Absolute and Juniors – won by Hugh Styles and Peter Walker; and disputed by Ben Aislie and Peer Moberg, respectively Silver and Bronze Medalist in the Atlanta Olympics.

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