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Parking - Cards Emitted Exclusively to CNC Members

Parking - Cards Emitted Exclusively to CNC Members

Protocol for the agreement regulating the use of Marina Car Parks by Members of the Clube Naval de Cascais

1. Objective of the Protocol
The Protocol between Marcascais S.A. and Clube Naval de Cascais establishes preferential conditions for the use of the Marina Mar and/or Marina Terra by Club Members and Club collaborators. Pelo presente protocolo é estabelecida entre a Marcascais S.A. e o Clube Naval de Cascais a criação de condições de excepção para a utilização dos Parques de estacionamento Marina Mar e/ou Marina Terra por funcionários e/ou associados do CNC, e exclusivamente por estes.

2. Access Cards
Access cards are emitted by special request by the CNC to the Marian, and are destined for the CNC Club Members only. For this the CNC must supply the Marina authorities with the Club Member Nº and Name of the individual, and to which park the Card must give access.

Should the individual to whom the Card was issued cease his/her association with the Club, the CNC must inform the Marina - in writing – within 48 hours, so the Card can be deactivated.

The Cards are for use only by the person to who they are issued, and only one card will be emited to each Club Member.

This attribution will be reviewed annually by Marcascais and the CNC; and be either renewed or cancelled according to each case.

The Cards will be emitted only by express order and permission of the Marcascais Administration, the cost being as defined below and valid for the duration of 2013.

The Cards will be given to CNC, who will deliver the aforementioned to the respective owners at the CNC premises.

3. Card Renewal
On expiry of validy, or credit/value attributed, the CNC must solicit its renewal.

4. Cost of the Cards
The basic cost of a Card is 25€ (VAT included)

The original card is supplied gratis by Marcascais, and should be returned when it is no longer in use.

In case of damage, or if lost; the Card will be replaced at a cost of 25€.

The Costs accruing for specific Services/Parking are:

Parque Marina Mar CNC Members - 100 hours (validity one year) - 100€
Parque Marina Terra CNC Members - 100 hours (validity one year) - 50€

NB: All values include VAT

5. Card Use
The Cards must always register entry/exit or they may continue to talley u puser-hours. If this occurs, there will be no redress.

Acess Cards fpr Parque Marina Mar do not allow access to Parque Marina Terra; or vice-versa.

Parque Marina Terra Cards will activate only the exits/entry point near Centro Cultural de Cascais; and the Cards for the Parque Marina Mar will activate only the exits/entry point at the Marina’s main entrance.

6. Cancelamento de cartões 
The Cards can be blocked or deactivated by the Administration of the Marina under the following circumstances:

a) Abusive use of the Card 
b) Improper or abusive use of the Park or Marina facilities
c) Breach of the implicit contract between the Marina and the Card holder, by the CNC Member.

The Card can also be blocked or deactivated by written request by the CNC for reasons differing from the above specified, as well as the dissociation of an erstwhile Member from the Club.).

7. Impediment/Interruption of Use
Por razões que manifestamente diminuam a capacidade dos parques, nomeadamente do Marina Mar, quando da realização de eventos ou por quaisquer outras razões, poderá ser limitada ou impedida durante a sua duração, a presença de viaturas, não havendo qualquer contrapartida para os utentes de cartões de acesso. Any events or incidents that reduce the available space in the park – namely Marina Mar – may suspend temporarily suspend the service agreement with the Card holders, and place Marcascais under no obligation of compensation or redress towards the same.

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