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Regulation for Craning Services by CNC for the boats of Members

Regulation for Craning Services by CNC for the boats of Members

“As a complement to existing services, the CNC now offers a new Craning Service for the Member’s boats; such service to be performed by the CNC Staff under the following conditions.”

1. This service includes the Craning - lowering and lifting the boat – and it’s lashing to a buoy belonging to the club; the placing and removing of the boat from a trailer; sluicing with fresh water; placement of the respective covers and parking in the attributed space within the Club premises.

2.This Service must be solicited at the CNC at least 72 hours before the desired time by the Owner/Club Member or an authorized agent of the latter. This request can be placed by e-mail at or by a telephone call to the Club’s Office.

3. The Clube has the right to deny such solicitations if it considers the metrological conditions unsuitable for the operation; or if it does not have the necessary means to carry out the request to the best of its ability.

4. The Clube has the right to organize and order of the Service as it sees fit; taking always into consideration the optimum functioning of the Club, and the quality of the service due to the Club Members.

5. The Club Member resorting to these Services must have a valid Insurance Policy covering damage to the boat, and must in addition sign a release form in which he/she accepts full responsability for any damage ensuing from the requested Service.

6. In order to moved the boats must comply with the following:

  • Os “estropos” do barco têm de estar colocados e prontos para descer/subir o barco
  • Os cabos de amarração (proa e popa) têm de estar devidamente amarrados ao barco e prontos para utilização.
  • A boeira do barco (se existir) tem de estar no barco em local bem visível, juntamente com uma chave para o apertar/desapertar.
  • No caso da classe Dragão, o “piano” tem de estar devidamente identificado, de modo a ser evidente qual ou quais os cabos que fazem o mastro ir para a frente para não bater na Grua.
  • Barco e atrelado devidamente identificado.

7. The clube Naval de Cascais is not responsible for any damage, accidents, or thefts the boats might be subject to while tied to its buoys or parked in it’s facilities.

8. The clube Naval de Cascais reserves the right to amend these Regulations without prior notice.

Pices for 2008*:
Lowering Lifting Lowering and Lifting
15€ 20€ 30€
* - Prices will be amended on na anual basis and published in the Services and Fees Price list reviewed by the Executive Commision.

Executive Comission of the Clube Naval de Cascais 
Cascais, 03 November 2008

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