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Sporting Licence

What is it?

Your Spoting Licence, apart from permiting you to take part in all National and International Regatas as a Representative of Portugal, includes a series of benefits:


Level Age Cost
Child 11 yeasr old up to 31st de December 25€
Youth 12 - 15 years old 40€
Junior 16 - 18 years old 50€
Senior 19 - 40 years old 50€
Master » 40 years old 50€
Trainer --- 50€
Judge --- 50€


The Costs for the Sporting Licences are consistent throughout the year.

How to get it?

You can apply at any of the 90 clubs affiliated in the Federation; who then forward the applications through the appropriate channels to the FPV.

What are you covered for?

Apart from validating the participation in competitions, the Sporting License functions as a sports insurance policy, with the following parameters:

Death or permanent disability - 15.000€
Treatment and return fairs/transport to point of origin - 2.500€
Initial contribution by policy holder: 10% - minimum 50€ - maximum 150€/accident.


Rule book (as solicited).
Sporting Insurance  
Discounts with the following companies/service providers:
- Hotéis Dom Pedro
- Fidelidade Seguros
- Movijovem - Pousadas da Juventude

What to do in case of an accident?

Communicate the incident to the Federação Portuguesa de Vela as soon as possible, and within a maximum of eight days of the date of the accident.

The Federação Portuguesa de Vela will emit an Accident report which must be filled in by a medical doctor assisting the victim at the time of the incident

After full recovery, a similar report must be filled in and delivered to the Federation.

The expenses must be paid for by the victim, and the original Invoices submitted to the federation for refunding.

Sports Licence Regulation FPV - 2013

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