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XXI H.M. King Juan Carlos Trophy


 O Troféu S. M. REY JUAN CARLOS foi instituído, em 1995, a propósito da oferta de um troféu, ao Clube Naval de Cascais, por Sua Majestade O Rei Juan Carlos I de Espanha, atribuído com o objetivo de homenagear o local onde aprendeu a velejar e a competir.

Há já 20 anos que o Clube Naval de Cascais se orgulha de receber este evento da classe Dragão, criado com o alto patrocínio de um velejador aficionado do desporto, apaixonado por Cascais e um, dos mais antigos, Sócio Honorário do Clube Naval de Cascais.

Com 81 anos de existência, a classe Dragão é a única em que barcos mais antigos competem com outros de características e figurinos modernos, com equipas que competem nas mais prestigiadas provas internacionais, como a America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race e Jogos Olímpicos, das quais saem os velejadores para o Troféu do Rei Juan Carlos.
Ao longo de duas décadas o evento e o Clube Naval de Cascais, têm vindo a ganhar prestígio nacional e internacional, superando as expectativas junto dos adeptos da Classe Dragão que, cada vez mais, fazem a sua escolha por Cascais, em detrimento de países vizinhos como França, Espanha e Itália.

Em 2016, o XXI Troféu do Rei D. Juan Carlos, promete ultrapassar o sucesso dos anos anteriores, com a participação 33 equipas de 13 países, que vão colocar à prova as suas competências em Cascais, considerado um dos melhores e mais adequados destinos do mundo para o acolhimento da prática de náutica de recreio e desportiva, dada a excelente e reconhecida qualidade do campo de regatas, bem como a oferta diversificada dos equipamentos e das infraestruturas do Clube Naval de Cascais.




7 to 10 April 2016



The Clube Naval de Cascais, affiliated to Portuguese Sailing Federation organizes the XXI King Juan Carlos I Trophy - IDA Grade 1 event - in conjunction with the Portuguese Dragon Association under the supervision of the International Dragon Association (IDA).

The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

2.1 Advertising will be restricted to ISAF Regulation 20.4
2.2 Competitors may be required to display advertising chosen by the event organizer in accordance with ISAF Advertising Code. Any required advertising material and instructions for their use, shall be distributed at registration.

3.1 The regatta is open to all boats of the Dragon class. 
3.2 Eligible boats may enter by completing the online entry form available at the event web site at by 04/04/2016
3.3 The Organizing Authority reserves the right to accept entries after the established deadline.
3.4 Each boat has to present at registration a copy of the boat insurance policy, a copy of the boat measurement certificate and the Sails Registration Form.
3.5 The entry fee is 300€ and can be paid by Bank Transfers through:
Bank: Novo Banco
Account Number: 2460 0131 0004
NIB: 0007 0246 0000 1310 004 62
IBAN: PT50 0007 0246 0000 1310 004 62
3.6 No fees are refundable after the entry closing date. Before that date entry fees will be refunded after deducting 50% for administration expenses.
3.7 For non Portuguese Boats, the entry fee includes 30 days FREE parking before, during and after that Series dates with unlimited craning and in water mooring in the Club Buoys, including on training days outside Series dates. 
3.8 Boats wishing to be scored as Corinthians must refer and declare it in the entry form, and shall include a complete crew list and show the classification, ISAF I/D number and classification expiry date for each crew.

The ISAF Sailor Classification Code will apply.

5.1 Registration and crew weighing will be made on April 06 from 14:00 to 18:00 and on April 07 from 09:00 to 13:00
5.2 Dates of racing:




Thursday, April 07


Warning Signal of the 1st Race

Friday, April 08


Warning Signal of the 1st Race

Saturday, April 09


Warning Signal of the 1st Race

Sunday, April 10


Warning Signal of the 1st Race

5.3 Number of races: 8 races are scheduled 
5.4 It is intended to sail two races per day. However, an extra race may be sailed in exceptional circumstances.

5.5 On Sunday, April 10, no warning signal will be made after 14:00

6.1 All Dragons must have a valid Measurement Certificate according to the rules of the International Dragon Association. Copy of this Document should be presented at registration.

6.2 All Dragons must deliver at the Race Office during the Registration Period, the Sails Registration form dully filled and signed by the boat skipper.

6.3 All Sailors must be presented to weight control during the Registration Period.

The sailing instructions will be available to all competitors during the registration period.

8.1 The regatta will be held on the Clube Naval de Cascais facilities. 
8.2 The races will be held on Cascais Bay and on the Guia race areas.

The courses to be sailed will be windward /leeward with a spreader mark. Each race will have a target time of 120 minutes. Times different of these will not be grounds for redress.

RRS 44.1 is changed so that the two turns penalty is replaced by the one turn penalty.

11.1 Three(3) race is required to be completed to constitute a series.
11.2 There will be one discard when five races or more have been completed


12.1Team leaders, coaches and other support personnel may use “support craft” to assist their competitors on the water. They shall register at the regatta office prior to the first scheduled race, providing details of their boats and distinctive identification, which shall include flying a WHITE flag showing the national 3 letter code in BLACK (minimum height 120mm), of the country of origin.

12.2 Coach/support boats shall not tow competitors out to the race course (unless requested to by the Race Committee) and may only tow boats in after the last competitor has finished.

12.3 Subject to SI, team leaders, coaches and other support boats shall stay more than 150 metres to leeward of the starting line and from the leeward marks and from any racing Dragon from the time of the preparatory signal until all boats have finished the last race of the day, or all races are abandoned. Support boats may be allowed up the course on one specified side only if special dispensation has been granted by the IDA (via application to the Jury) for reasons of safety, health, tourism, spectating, or sponsor’s request. Such boats applying for dispensation may not have a coach or ISAF category 3 sailor on board. Support boats that have been granted dispensation will be issued with a different colour flag to Coach boats.

12.4 At all times, support boats shall comply with the directions given by the Race Committee. In particular this includes assisting with rescues when requested to do so.

12.5 Coach/support boats shall not contact their connected boats between races.

12.6 Support boats must be on call on VHF Channel 8 at all times.



13.1 Boats shall be kept in their assigned places in the harbour. Boats will be moored on buoys in front of the club house and on pontoons at the Cascais Marina.
13.2 Allocation of berths will be made at the discretion of the Organizing Authority, and failure to comply with the OA instructions may be penalized.

13.3 The club can also arrange, at competitors costs, a berth at the Marina de Cascais, which must be requested in advanced.

All yachts shall be afloat before 14h00 on 7th April, and shall not be hauled out during the regatta except with, and according to, the terms of prior written permission of the Jury

Underwater breathing apparatus and plastic pools or their equivalent shall not be used around keel boats between the preparatory signal of the first race and the end of the regatta.

16.1 A boat can use a VHF radio in accordance with Class rules 11.11.1.

16.2 The Race Committee may broadcast information available to all competitors by using VHF radio on race channel 8.

16.3 In the case of absolute emergency only, competitors may communicate with the Race Committee.

17.1 Prizes will be given to the top three boats,and the nameof the overall winner will be engraved at the King Juan Carlos Perpetual Trophy.
17.2Prizes will also be awarded to the 1st Corinthian boat. To be eligible to participate in this category, the Yacht must have a crew of amateurs submitting Corinthian Entry Form as well as presenting valid copies of ISAF Competitor Classification 1 Declarations at the registration period. Sailors not having, or having an invalid ISAF Classification, will be scored as GROUP 3, and will not be eligible to take part in this category.
17.3 The winner of the first valid race of the event will win the “Vincie” trophy
17.4 The winner of the last valid race of the event will win the “Stavros” trophy

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.
Clube Naval de Cascais or his staff will not accept any liability for any damage or loss caused to boats moored on the moorings supplied for the event.

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 305.000 per event or the equivalent.


The organizing Authority has arranged a special parking package for the full event (Thursday to Sunday), with a cost of 32€ for the 4 racing days. These cards must be requested, until the end of the entry deadline, stated at point 3.2 of this Notice of Race, and will be delivered during the entry confirmation period. Once received, the card must be used every time, when getting in and out of the Marina.

For further information please contact:
Clube Naval de Cascais
Esplanada Príncipe D. Luis Filipe
2750 - 411 Cascais - Portugal 
Tel > +351 21 483 01 25 <-> Fax > +351 21 486 87 12
Mail > <-> Web Site >



XXI H.M. King Juan Carlos Trophy Classe Dragão
  Series Place Sail No Boat Helm Corinthyan Crew Crew 2 Club Series Points Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6
1 RUS27 Annapurna Annatoly Loginov   Vadim Statsenko Alexandre Shalagin YCC 20 2 21 5 4 4 5
2 UAE9 Desert Eagle Hendrik Witzmann   Henrique Anjos Theis Palm YCBG 22 6 3 10 1 11 2
3 RUS76 Strange Litle Girl Dmitry Samokhin   Andrey Kirilyuk Alexsey Bushuev YCSPetersburg 27 7 14 2 7 8 3
4 GER1123 Pow Wow Michael Zankel   Pedro Andrade Nuno Barreto NRV 27 3 5 3 3 13 20
5 GBR769 Hombre Martin Payne   João Vidinha António Matos SalcombeYC 29 15 1 4 8 1 16
6 SUI311 Sophie Racing Hugo Stenbeck   Martin Westerdahl Bernardo Freitas RVBrunnen 33 4 19 13 9 3 4
7 HUN57 Johanna Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi   Tamas Kiss Karoly Vezer Kereked 34 OCS27 13 7 2 2 10
8 POR66 Drago José SM Matoso   Gustavo Lima Frederico P. Mello CNCascais 34 5 2 11 10 6 13
9 ESP71 Gunter Javier Scherk   Paulo Manso Diogo Barros RCBN / NYYC 36 OCS27 6 9 5 15 1
10 GER1133 Smaug Tommy Muller   Vincent Hoesch Ingo Borkowski NRV 37 1 9 14 11 10 6
11 GER1162 Desert Holly Stephan Link   Michi Lipp Frank Butzmann BYC 43 OCS27 7 1 13 7 15
12 FRA402 Outlaw Stephane Baseden   Pascal Rambeau Patrick Aucori CNCascais 48 13 8 16 14 5 8
13 DEN410 Out of Bounce Jens Christensen   Kim Andersen Rene de Villefrance KDY 62 OCS27 4 8 24 9 17
14 GER1102 Lilu Philipp Pechstein   Roman Koch Bernd von Hoermann VSaC, CYC 68 22 10 6 18 23 12
15 POR57 Whisper Mario Quina C Fernando Passeiro Raul Pato CNCascais 70 21 11 21 6 24 11
16 POR56 Peggy Miguel Magalhães C Jorge P. Melo José Magalhães CNCascais 71 10 12 19 16 14 23
17 RUS35 Sunflower Victor Folgeson   Oleg Khoperskiy Viacheslav Kaptyukhin Pirogovo 73 18 DNC27 15 17 16 7
18 FRA391 Ulysse Jean Breger   Gout Christhian Aunette Gaetan SNGRPCamargue 75 11 18 23 20 17 9
19 MON2 Jeannie Jens Ratsack   Tiago Marcelino Diogo Pereira CNCascais/YCM 76 14 16 17 15 20 14
20 RUS34 Even Better Vasily Senatorov   Igor Ivashintov Slava Varnachkin Pirogovo 81 12 22 20 19 12 18
21 POR68 Nice Shot José Carlos Pina C Rodrigo Quina Francisco Pina CNCascais 82 17 20 12 12 21 22
22 POR40 Dragull José Bello C Bernardo Torres Pêgo Miguel Tavares CNCascais 86 8 17 22 25 18 21
23 SUI296 Ariston Justus Kniffka   Nate Campbell Stephan Fels NRV 90 16 15 24 21 19 19
24 SWE385 Still Crazy Stephan Winberg C Thomas Wilton Nocola Wilton YC/CNC 113 19 DNF27 18 22 DNC27 DNS27
25 GER1063 Lotte Martin Seevers   Miklas Meyer Mitja Meyer HSC/CNC 116 20 DNF27 DNF27 23 22 24
26 GBR801 Alfie Lawrie Smith   Tim Tavinor Joost Houweling Glandore 117 9 DNF27 DNC27 DNC27 DNC27 DNC27
XXI H.M. King Juan Carlos Trophy Ranking
  Series Place Sail No Boat Owner Corinthyan Club Series Points 1st CDWS 2nd CDWS 3rd CDWS 4th CDWS 5th CDWS 6th CDWS
1 GER1123 PowWow Michael Zankel   NRV 12 1 1 4 2 DNC31 4
2 RUS76 Strange Little Girl Dmitry Samokhin   S.- PYC 12 3 2 DNC31 1 3 3
3 POR66 Drago José SM Matoso   CNCascais 15 4 4 2 4 1 8
4 GER1133 Smaug Nicola Friesen   NRV 28 6 3 8 6 5 10
5 ESP71 Gunter Javier Scherk   RCNB/NYYC 30 12 7 9 3 2 9
6 MON2 Jeanie Jens Rathsack   YCM/CNC 39 2 5 DNC31 5 8 19
7 POR56 Peggy Miguel Magalhães   CNCascais 47 7 10 6 12 12 16
8 POR50 Christmas III Pedro Mendes Leal   CNCascais 48 9 6 7 10 16 DNC31
9 POR57 Whisper Mário Quina C CNCascais 55 10 9 DNC31 8 13 15
10 SWE385 Still Crazy Stefan Winberg C CNCascais 56 DNC31 8 5 12 7 24
11 GER1102 Lilu Phillip Pechstein   VSaC, CYC 59 DNC31 11 12 12 10 14
12 POR68 Nice Shot José Carlos Pina   CNCascais 62 11 13 11 DNC31 6 21
13 POR47 Catarina III Manuel Rocha   CNCascais 84 13 12 13 DNC31 15 DNC31
14 POR65 Pamalican Francisco Lacerda   CNCascais 91 8 DNC31 10 DNC31 11 DNC31
15 GBR769 Hombre Martin Payne   Glandore 99 DNC31 DNC31 1 DNC31 DNC31 5
16 GER1162 Desert Holly Stephan Link   BYC 108 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 4 11
17 GER1063 Lotte Martin Seevers   HSC/CNC 108 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 7 14 25
18 DEN410 Out of Bounce Jens Christensen   KDY 115 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 9 13
19 GBR801 Alfie Lawrie Smith   SalcombeYC 122 DNC31 DNC31 3 DNC31 DNC31 26
20 RUS27 Annapurna Anatoly Loginov   YCC 125 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 1
21 SUI296 Ariston Justus Kniffka   NRV 125 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 9 DNC31 23
22 UAE9 Desert Eagle Hendrik Witzman   YCBG 126 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 2
23 RUS98 Zenith Igor Goikhberg   YCSPB 129 5 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31
24 SUI311 Sophie III Hugo Stenbeck   RVBrunnen 130 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 6
25 HUN57 Johana Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi   Kereked 131 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 7
26 FRA402 Outlaw Stephane Baseden     136 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 12
27 RUS35 Sunflower Victor Folgeson   Pirogovo 141 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 17
28 FRA391 Ulysse Jean Breger   SNGRPCamargue 142 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 18
29 RUS34 Even Better Vasily Senatorov   Pirogovo 144 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 20
30 POR40 Dragull José Belo C CNCascais 146 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 DNC31 22
Sail Number Boat Club Helm Crew
RUS27 Annapurna   Annatoly Loginov
RUS34 Even Better   Vasily Senatorov
POR40 Dragul CNCascais José Bello
POR41 Thethys CNCascais José Carlos Pina
POR47 Catarina III CNCascais Manuel Rocha
POR50 Christmas III CNCascais Pedro Mendes Leal
POR56 Peggy CNCascais Miguel Magalhães
POR57 Whisper CNCascais Mario Quina
POR65 Pamalican IV CNCascais Vicente Pinheiro de Melo
POR66 Drago CNCascais José SM Matoso
ESP71 Gunter RCBN / NYYC Javier Scherk
RUS76 Stange Litle Girl YCSPetersburg Dmitry Samokhin
RUS98 Zenith YCSPetersburg Igor Goikberg
FRA365 Air Youleg   Christian Guyader
SWE385 Still Crazy YC/CNC Stephan Winberg
FRA402 Outlaw   Stephane Baseden
DEN410 Out of Bounce   Jens Christensen
GBR769 Hombre SalcombeYC Martin Payne
GER1063 Lotte HSC/CNC Martin Seevers
GER1102 Lilu VSaC, CYC Philipp Pechstein
GER1123 Pow Wow NRV Michael Zankel
GER1140 Smaug NRV Tommy Muller
GER1162 Desert Holly BYC Stephan Link
IRL Scorcher SalcombeYC Martin Payne
FRA391 Ulysse SN GRAU DU ROI PORT CAMARGUE breger jean
RUS 35 SUNFLOWER Pirogovo Victor Fogelson Oleg Khoperskiy
Viacheslav Kaptyukhin
SUI-311 Sophie Racing RV Brunnen Hugo Stenbeck Martin Westerdahl
Bernardo Freitas
POR 40 Dragull CNCascais José Bello Bernardo Torres Pêgo
Miguel Tavares
MON 2 Jeanie CNC, YCM Rathsack
UAE 9 Desert Eagle YCBG Hendrik Witzmann Henrique Anjos
Theis Palm
HUN57 JOHANNA Kereked Ferenc Kis-Szolgyemi Tamas Kiss
Karoly Vezer
GBR801 ALFIE GLANDORE Lawrie Smith Tim Tavinor
Joost Houweling
SUI 296 Ariston NRV Justus Kniffka Nate Campbell
Stephan Fels
RUS-27 Annapuna YCC Anatoly Loginov Vadim Statsenko
Alexander Shalagin
Sail Number Boat Club Helm Crew
Class Pos Helm

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